Q: How to find out my direction and choose the right order?
A: Your direction is displayed in upper left corner. You need an order of your direction. Also, order's rarity must match rarity of your character or be with rarity higher.
Q: Why does the error "insufficient energy" appear after any action?
A: When you hover on "Energy" there is a info about a minimum amount of energy. You need to have a "Minimum" amount of energy for such actions as:
  • Increase rarity of items (Craft);
  • Upgrade of interior items (LVL upgrade);
  • Token Withdrawal;
  • NFT Withdrawal;
  • Opening Chests.
Q: How farm slider bar (subscription) works?
A: Time user's work time by subscription depends on rarity of the room. With room with rarity higher than "Common" you can buy subscription that cost 5% of your income.
  • Common: 1 hour;
  • Rare: 3 hours;
  • Epic: 6 hours;
  • Legendary: 12 hours;
  • Mythical: 24 hours.
Q: Why I can't log in the game?
A: Notifications from WAX don't appear or blocked by browser.