Merchant's Skill

Merchant's Skill is an additional mechanic that encourages the player to trade NFT items from the Road to Dreams project collection, which provides the player with a small bonus inside the game. The player receives a bonus by selling or buying NFT cards on the market.
There is a "Bonus Day" and a "Manager's Day". On the "Manager's Day", the player receives his bonus due to sales / purchases, but cannot use it.
On the "Bonus Day", the earned bonus is activated, but you cannot increase your bonus. On this day, sales or purchases will not be taken into account when calculating the bonus for the next bonus day.
Thus, bonus can be increased by trading only on the "Manager's Day". After the end of the "Bonus Day", your bonus is reset, and you can increase it again on the "Manager's Day". This bonus is given to all characters that you have on your account.
Purchase amount
Income Bonus
100 WAX
200 WAX
300 WAX
400 WAX
500 WAX
Last modified 6mo ago