Project is a new NFT that you need to start earning after use of RTD Team App. Project can be crafted and blended.
Project works for two teams, RTD and RTT characters. You can use Project that below or equal to rarity of RTD Team App. Profit of each Set depends on the rarity of Project, similarly with profit from order.
If you have a legendary set with a legendary RTD Team App, but with common project, then income from using it will be 0.2. If you use a legendary Project, then income from using it will be 1.6.
It is important to remember about fixed costs of replenishing for Project.
Сost of using Project is static, and doesn't increase from increase of your income. When you increase the level of your Set, the more profit you will get.
Project Rarity
Payment per mining hour
Increase of uses per hour
0.02 * Set Status LVL
0.2 * Set Status LVL
0.0383 * Set Status LVL
0.4 * Set Status LVL
0.0729 * Set Status LVL
0.8 * Set Status LVL
0.1458 * Set Status LVL
1.6 * Set Status LVL
0.2875 * Set Status LVL
3.2 * Set Status LVL