PVP Mode

A classic turn-based game with the dice for 2-3 players.
When we released PVP mode, we made the game at a cost of 1 RTD Ticket = one game, but due to problems on WAX servers, the game turned out to be unstable, so we decided to launch it before October 1 for fun, without an RTD Ticket bet.
To participate in PVP Mode, you need to select the appropriate tab, after which you are redirected to the opponent search. If the opponent is not found within 3 minutes, then you can go out and start the search again.
Then, after you find 1 opponent, the timer will start (1 minute). If the 3rd player is not found after this timer expires, the game will be started for 2 connected players, if the 3rd player is found during the timer, the game will start immediately.
The game itself is a playing field that has 64 cells, on which there are both positive and negative cells (positive - bring the player closer to victory, negative - move the player away from victory).